Emerging Technologies in Materials Science

Emerging technologies in materials science: Emerging technology is a term commonly used to describe new technology, but it can also refer to the continuous development of existing technology; it may have a slightly different meaning when used in different fields such as media, business, science or education. Consequently, the current chapter should serve as a mild reminder of the information most readers already have, a direct introduction to newcomers to the discipline, and as a means of connecting this well-known knowledge with sustainability issues. The languages   we use to communicate certainly include metals and content, whether in informal or formal settings. Exploring the origins of words like metal, material, iron and steel can reveal a lot about how different cultures have formed current concepts that these words now suggest. Dictionaries and encyclopaedias offer the first definitions that scientists and professionals share with people before they move on to their special skills. Metals are the most abundant chemical element on the planet. The Mendeleev language table of chemistry proposes a universal description of metals, which contradicts the assumptions of metallurgists and physicists. The word is the same, but the concepts are different! Buildings, infrastructure, transportation, equipment, industrial facilities and other human artefacts are made of materials, a unique form of matter.

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